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Interviewing of Applicants
Application ate pre-screened by IPI recruitment staffs before presentation to principals representative. If however, the principal delegates the interview and selection to IPI. Qualified engineers of technical interviewers will perform the task and submit an evaluation to report for each candidate for principal’s review and final selection.

Trade Testing
Applicants are given a Trade Test after the preliminary and final interview which will confirm their competency specially if the employer requires it. For this purpose, it retains the services of a leading trade test company, recognized and accredited with the Philippine Government to conduct a non-biased trade test certifying the proficiency and eligibility of the applicant.
Medical Examination
IPI has tie ups with modern industrial clinics authorized by the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) and likewise accredited by the Department of Labor (Dole) to conduct medical examinations to all Filipinos intending to work abroad

Examinations include but not limited to the following:
Chest X-ray, Urine & Stool Exam, Blood test, Physical, Dental exam, AIDS/HIV Test and Psychological Examination

Documentation and Passporting
IPI assist in the legal acquisition  of the following documents Passports, School Records, Licensing, Certification and other documentary requirements

“In House” Pre-departure Orientaion
The importance of this orientation with the help of audio visual presentation, multi-media slides – lessens or totally eliminates the “culture shock” syndrome commonly encountered by the applicants.
This virtual orientation/familiarization helps the recruits to easily adjust to the new working environment and culture which is proven to be the very beneficial. This gives them somewhat an idea on what to do expect and what to act in the destination country. IPI uses the latest media that features thousands of the slide firms of various places of different countries. It features landmarks, markets, street comers and highways

Philippine Government Offices Accreditations
In order to speed up applicant’s compliance in submitting requirements for overseas employment travel which usually cause delays. IPI also have the following accreditation and services for the said purpose.

  • Accreditation at the National Statistics Office (NSO) for processing Birth Certificates, Marriage Contracts and other pertinent documents.
  • Accreditation at the Depart of Foreign Affairs (DFA) for fast/immediate processing of passports, especially for applicants living in far flung places.
  • Accreditations in different government and private agencies to do document authentications of applicants i.e. school records, diploma, marriage contracts, employment certifications and other documentaries needed for overseas deployment.
  • IPI provide assistance to applicants in the securing/applying for a loan if needed in paying the fees in accomplishing their personal requirements and other things they may need.
  • IPI provide affordable board and lodging facilities to workers, especially those applicants living in distant places like Mindanao, Visayas and other flung areas.